PND Data Solutions Welcome

We have in depth knowledge of:

• Software development
• Service deployment and bringing it live
• Troubleshooting and customers queries

List of capabilities
1. Development – software
a. Languages – Erlang/OTP, C/C++, Java, C#
b. Frameworks – .Net, Grails, Griffon
c. Operating Systems – Unix (Solaris), Windows, Linux
d. Message-oriented Middleware – RabbitMQ
e. Protocols – SOAP, JSON, XML, SMPP, AMQP
2. Capacity planning – hardware, network, distribution
3. Deployment – we have been involved in the deployment of major mission critical system
4. Support – experience in support of 24 x 7 service

Software Developement
SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT No matter what you need to do, or platforms you need to do it on, our team of developers have the solution to your business’s software requirements.
Service & Support
SERVICE AND SUPPORT Our team of qualified engineers, developers and support staff are equipped to provide various means of training and support. Our careful attention to the needs of our clients ensure that we provide the fastest and most thorough assistance possible
Hardware Specialist
HARDWARE SPECIALIST Get face to face consultations with our hardware and IT specialists. They know what they’re talking about. They have the hardware solution for your business’s hardware requirements.