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Cremation Options

Communal Cremation

Return of Ashes Cremation

Equine Cremation

This option is for the loving pet owner that does not want their beloved pet’s ashes returned back to them. Pets are cremated communally with other pets at the same time.

These ashes of the communal cremation will be collected from our facility and transported to a licensed landfill site as required by law.

This option allows the owner to get their pet’s ashes back in one of our container options(see next page)

Each pet is cremated on its own. Special care is taken to ensure each owner receives their pet’s ashes. Before the cremation process, a foot print is taken of your pet, this foot print will accompany your pet from the start until your pet is back home.

This option allows equine owners to ensure a dignified  end to their beloved equine.

We have a special vehicle and staff that will collect either from your home, stable yard or veterinary clinic.

This option also has the communal cremation or return of ashes cremation options.

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